Club Coaches



GERARD DUMAS: Pole Vault Coach                                           Gerard Dumas is our original and longest-serving VTFC coach as he has been with the Club since its start in October 1966. Gerard was born   and educated in France before coming to Canada where he served as a sprint and hurdle coach with Vic High and the YMCA before becoming Head Coach of   UVIC for 10 years. Gerard has been a full-time pole vault coach since 1975 coaching a number of Canadian champions and age-class Canadian record holders. His athletes have participated in the Pan Am Games, Commonwealth  Games and the Francophone Games. Gerard originally competed for France at   international meets before his move to Canada where he still competes as a masters athlete. Raul Estrada, one of Gerard’s vaulters, qualified for the Moscow Olympic Games in 1980 but did not attend as the Games were boycotted   by many countries.In the late sixties Gerard was instrumental in the development and inclusion of women in pole vault in Canada and continues today to coach a large group of talented girls and women.
 1290806982546-8412 DANA AGAR-NEWMAN: Pole Vault Coach                                    Dana Agar-Newman is Strength and Conditioning coach with the Pacific Institute of Sports Excellence and Canadian Sport Center Pacific. He is currently working with athletes from a variety of sports including   athletics, swimming, diving and rowing. Dana is a graduate of the University   of Saskatchewan (H.B.Sc.Sports and Exercise Science) where he competed for   four years as track and field athlete for the Huskies, winning an individual medal and Canada West banner in 2007. Dana is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) with the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP). In addition, Dana is a certified NCCP track and   field coach. He uses his free time training for Olympic weightlifting and   coaching track and field. Dana is a Victrack alumni who spent his high school   years vaulting with the club. He has now returned to live in Victoria and is   a co-coach of our pole vault group. 
 011 OWEN CLEMENTS: Pole Vault Coach                                           Owen was born and raised in Courtenay and joined our group of   vaulters under coach Gerard Dumas when he came to UVIC in 1983. Owen studied   and trained with dedication for 12 years to become the Canadian Pole Vault champion and finalist in the Commonwealth Games in 1984 before competing in  the Pan Am Games the following year.                                                                                           Owen now teaches science and physical education at Mt. Doug which is a perfect fit with his vaulting background. To keep active Owen is a keen fisherman and a master hunter and is also a mountaineer.                                                                               Owen rejoined the club a few years ago after taking time off to raise a family and is now coaching our next group of young vaulters.
KATIE NELSON: Coaching Coordinator and Track Coach           Katie began running for Vic track when she was nine years old. She competed with the club until the end of her senior year of high school. Katie is currently attending the University of Victoria pursuing a degree in Kinesiology.During her running career, Katie had the ability to train many provincial and national coaches. Katie’s father, Phil Nelson, was her primary coach from the time she was until nineteen. She specialized in the 400m races but also dominated the 100 and 200m distances in high school.                                                                                      In her spare time she like to go rock climbing, hike, and tries every craft under the sun! 
 1296887944875-1860 CHE DAVISON: Throws Coach                                                       Che joined Victrack as a throws coach after serving for two years as a club. In addition to coaching our young throwers, Che is an active competitor in the Masters group competitions and can be seen competing in all of the Island Series Meets.


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