2016 Registration Information and Form

The 2016 Registration Forms and Registration Information are now posted below. Please note that the form has been revised this year and includes information not on the earlier forms. Please take the time to read the Membership Information before completing the form. Complete the form and include the payment in an envelope and bring both to a training session . Once the form and payment have been received by a club coach or manager, you or your athlete will have two training sessions before your cheque will be cashed. Forms and cheques will be returned at that time if the athlete does not wish to continue.

Club membership includes BC Athletics membership and is good for the calendar year [January 1 to December 31].

IMPORTANT NOTE:  New applicants are not permitted to train with VTFC unless forms and payment have been completed and received by the club.

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General Club Membership Information

Victoria Track and Field Club [VTFC] is a member club of BC Athletics. All members of our club are also registered as members of BC Athletics.
If you are interested in becoming a member of the club, we suggest the following:

  • Check out one of our training sessions at UVic Stadium and speak with our coaches and volunteers and see what we have to offer.
  • Fill out the Victoria Track and Field membership form [see the link above] and bring it along with payment to a practice and turn them in to a coach or mail them directly to Sean Steele at 2093 Renfrew Road, Victoria, BC, V8P 1S3. Please make sure that both forms are signed by the athlete and parent [if the athlete is under 19 years of age].
  • At this time, only competitive members will be accepted into the club. Athletes who wish to train with the club for other sports or for school programs will be accepted only if space is available.
  • Registration as a member of the club involves volunteer hours and travel to several track and field meets on Vancouver Island. Transportation and accommodation are the responsibility of the members of the club.
  • VTFC will pay all entry fees for our club athletes in the VIAA Island Series and BC Athletics Championship Meets.
  • Team fees will be paid for all athletes earning spots on BC or National teams. Athletes are responsible for all hotel and food costs associated with BC Teams.


Club officials, executive members and coaches also need to complete a Victoria Track and Field Membership form and have a Criminal Records Check on file with the club registrar. for more information and to request a letter to your local police department, please contact Sean Steele [Club President] by email to .

Membership Fees

If you are interested in becoming a member of Victoria Track and Field Club, here is information on our fees and services for 2015.

  • Fees for renewing members are payable on January 1st each year.
  • Fees for new members are from the registration date [September 1st of the previous year] until December 31st of the current year.
  • All fees must be submitted with the registration forms before athletes will be registered with the Club and with BC Athletics.
  • The VTFC Registration form must be signed by both the athlete and the parent/guardian [if under 19 years of age].
  • All fees are payable to Victoria Track and Field Club. All fees quoted include BC Athletics fees which are paid by VTFC to BC Athletics.
  • We now offer a Family Membership Plan: 1st member [highest fee category] 100%; 2nd member 100%, 3 and additional members of the same family will only pay 50% of the fees quoted.


Fee Structure for 2016  

Junior Development and Midget 14/15 athletes [ages 9 to 14 in 2016]:

  • Competitive membership $275.00

Youth, Junior and Senior athletes [ages 16 to 34 in 2016]:

  • Competitive membership $350.00

Masters athletes [ages 35 and older in 2016]:

  • Competitive membership $250.00


Help Needed

A competitive track and field club requires a large numbers of volunteers in many areas. If you are new to our sport, there is a place in our volunteer system for you to help! And if you have experience in coaching or officiating we will put you to work.


Coaches   We are always looking for volunteer coaches to help out with our Junior Development program. If you are interested in coaching at any level, contact one of our club executive members to discuss how you can help. VTFC will pay for coaching clinics for our volunteer coaches and partial funding is provided for club events.


Officials   If you are interested in becoming an official at track and field meets, contact the club directors for more information. We offer officials’ training through the VIAA Level 1 and Level 2 programs where you can learn to officiate and earn your hours at the Island Series track and field meets. For more information on becoming an official, meet assignments, upgrading, ordering uniforms and other items useful to our officials click on the link below to go to the Officials page on the BC Athletics website.


Volunteers   New parents in our club are often hesitant to step forward and volunteer for events as they feel they don’t know enough about track and field meets to be of any use. There are many jobs at a track meet and never enough volunteers to cover everything! Here are a number of ways you can start out without any experience and be an asset to our club.

  • Bake goodies, make sandwiches, deliver food and water to volunteers and officials.
  • Photocopy results, post results on boards, deliver results to and from the results room, the camera and the start and finish lines.
  • Check in athletes for their events to assist the starters in getting the track events moving.
  • Rake the pits, measure jumps and throws [now you are becoming an official]
  • Give out ribbons and medals at the ribbon booth.


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