Victoria Track and Field Club is a non-profit society which is operated totally by volunteers.We have a volunteer board of directors and our coaches all volunteer their time to our athletes.There are many ways in which new parents and athletes can help out the club.At this point we are in need of many new volunteers to ensure that the club can continue to function smoothly and all jobs are covered.

It is not necessary to know everything about track and field in order to help out, many of the jobs are similar to those in other sports organizations or social clubs.

There are 5 main areas where you can help out the club!



Chair:  Chairs the club meetings and the AGM and represents the club as necessary.

Vice Chair:  Covers for the chair when not available and assists the other directors when required.

Treasurer:  Maintains the finances of the club. Pays the bills, prepares a yearly budget and financial reports. Keeps in contact with the coaches and provides training funds as necessary.

Secretary:  Keeps the minutes of the meetings, prepares yearly reports, registers the club with BC Athletics, sanctions the events we hold and does the paperwork as necessary.

Registrar:  One director is responsible for the registration process for athletes, coaches and directors with the club and with BC Athletics.

Fundraising and Sponsorships:  One director is responsible for fundraising, sponsorship, special requests for equipment or funding as necessary.

Uniforms:  One director is responsible for ordering singlets, maintaining the stock, special orders of club jackets, training shirts as necessary.

Equipment:  One director is responsible for maintaining the club training equipment, ordering new implements and ensuring that we have the equipment to host the Dogwood Meet.



Website Manager: Maintains the club website and keeping it current.

Statistics Manager:  Maintains a current listing of all club athletes and their performances throughout the year.

Officials Contact:  Maintains contact with BC Athletics and the VIAA (Vancouver Island Athletic Association) in order to train new officials.

Dogwood Meet Manager:  May be a Director of the Club who is responsible for the planning of the annual Dogwood Track and Field Meet.

Volunteer Coordinator: May be a Director of the Club who is responsible for organization of the club volunteers.



Our club coaches can always use assistance at the club training sessions. Please step up and volunteer when you are at the track as our coaches can always use more help.

In addition we need more volunteer coaches to work with our athletes in jumps, throws and sprints.

Ways to help out at practices:

  • help set up and take down equipment such as hurdles and high jump pits
  • dig up and rake the long jump pits, trim the grass on the runways
  • use the blower to clean up the track
  • supervise a small group of athletes at an event training area such as long jump, shot put,high jump, running sessions
  • put up the high jump bars when athletes are training
  • collect the paperwork for the coaches if they are busy with athletes
  • assist where needed!



Our annual track and field meet requires about 100 volunteers to keep things running smoothly over the two-day weekend.

Each athlete (or parent) is required to provide 4 hours per day of volunteer time at the Dogwood Meet.


Meet Manager: Karen Laberee

Oversees the organization of the meet and sees that the Key Volunteers are keeping up with the planning of the meet.

Registration and Results: Karen Laberee 

This is the paperwork part of the meet and involves setting the schedule, organizing the officials, entering the athletes in the meet results program, preparing the packages for the clubs attending, and completing all of the results.

Meet Director:  Trevor Guy

This person should know track and field, the various events, rules, etc. and is responsible for the smooth running of the actual meet. Works closely with the registration and results team.

Equipment Manager:  Kevin Matthews

Organizes all of the equipment which must be brought to the stadium (throwing implements, scissor hurdles) and sees that all of the large equipment is set out and ready for the event (high jump pits, pole vault pits, sector lines for throws). Oversees the setup and take down volunteers.

Ribbons and Medals:  Lynn Works & Kim Fleetwood

Orders the ribbons and medals needed and prepares them in sets before the meet then oversees the organization of the medal booth during the meet.

Volunteer Coordinator:  Saturday:   Allison Randall                        

Volunteer Coordinator:  Sunday: Allison Randall

Signs up the volunteers needed for the meet as shown on the volunteer list (Dogwood Meet page) as prepared by the registration and results team. List is posted on the website so spaces can be filled and volunteers can see where they are needed.

Food Services:  Evelyn Matthews

Organizes the food needed to feed the volunteer officials. Purchases and prepares the sandwiches, fruit, drinks and goodies as necessary over the two days.

First Aid Coordinator:  Anita Mesman

Organizes the first aid coverage and any first aid supplies needed for the meet.

Sponsorship and Donations:   Board of Directors

Make arrangements for the special services that we need at the meet: tents, ice, tables and chairs, photocopying, etc.



Victrack is responsible for backup timing at all of the VIAA Island Series track meets. This means that we provide volunteers to time all track events to provide backup for the camera in the event that the power fails or a someone walks in front of the camera during a race.

In return for our timing services, the other island clubs cover all field events at the Dogwood Meet for us. We could not run the meet without this group of 100+ volunteers!

With fewer of our athletes attending the island meets, it has become difficult to cover our timing duties which means that we risk not have the other clubs assisting with the Dogwood Meet.

Timing is easy to learn and training is provided at all of the meets.


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